No-SQL Services

No-SQL Consulting and Services

In the era of data-driven businesses, the high performance and Non-relational (NoSQL) databases have become the need of the hour for enterprises. A range of data models is utilized by the NoSQL Databases such as documents, key-value, graph, and columnar. The Key benefits of the NoSQL Databases are their high availability, scalable performance, ease of development and resilience. 

COSO IT's specialist team on NoSQL Database deliver customized solutions to its clients based on the business specific needs and requirements. Our range of services delivers much better alternatives in comparison to RDBMS. With COSO IT NoSQL services we aim to enable enterprise in overcoming major challenges in performance, availability, and scalability of the databases. 

Our years of extensive experience and knowledge in handling Key NoSQL data stores, as a component of modern data architecture has enabled us in efficient and effective assessment, decision making, implementation and scaling of the NoSQL models. Our services are planned and customized in a way that they can efficiently deal with the storage and application of even petabytes of unstructured data, and deliver useful business insights to empower your business intelligence. Choosing the most suitable database for enterprises as per their business goals and applications remain the top priority of COSO IT  NoSQL services. Here are the key benefits of our NoSQL services:

  • Easier collection and storage of data in higher volumes 
  • User-friendly application in business specific tasks
  • Massive scalability and higher flexibility of data models
  • Faster and more efficient data processing 
  • Performance consistency combined with accelerated processes
  • On-Demand Provisioning of Storage and Throughput
  • Zero administration efforts required from developers
  • Predictable response with lower latency
  • Safer transactions for critical application 
  • Availability of both on-prem and cloud-based services

Our complete range of solutions is designed in a way that they can be easily customized and implemented for the enterprise of any shape or size. Be it a start-up looking for cost-effective solutions to take-off from the ground or a top-notch firm that wants to attain optimum performance through its system, we deliver solutions for all. Below key consulting and development services COSO IT offers in the range of NoSQL Database solutions:

  • Performance tuning services
  • Deployment Services for Databases
  • Analytic routine implementation and designing 
  • Capacity planning as per specific business needs
  • Data migration services through customized tools
  • Shared clusters' and replica sets' installation and configuration 
  • Data structure designing for Aerospike, Cassandra and MongoDB

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