COSO Cloud Labs

1. Will I get a dedicated cluster for my use?

Answer – NVN Cloud is basically a shared cluster that allows you to work while sharing your resources with the other users of the cluster. In case you require dedicated clusters for a group of users, you can reach us at -

2. What happens when I subscribe at NVN Cloud?

Answer – On subscription, you will be receiving your login credentials, which will allow you to access the cluster and start practising the very moment. However, in case, you don’t receive your login details even in an hour, there can be a system error possibility. For quick resolution, you must immediately contact us at –

3. Do you offer free trial?

Answer – As an introductory offer, subscribers can get 15 day free trial to our services. After completion of the stipulated days, login will be activated post full payment for the subscription.

4. Will I be allowed to install my own software?

Answer – NVN Cloud is a managed service, where it holds all the rights for configurations and installations. All the tools required for practice on the clusters have been already installed. In case you are looking for other tools, you can contact us at –

5. What Hadoop Distributor have you collaborated with?

Answer – With 2.7 Hadoop version on cluster, NVN Cloud offers the Hortonworks Data Platform. For the purpose of analyzing data using web interface, we also provide Hue from Cloudera. You can find the Hadoop components version installed on NVN Cloud here...

6. What technologies will I get access to via NVN Cloud?

Answer - The cluster offered by NVN Cloud allows you to work on tools and components like Hadoop, Kafka, Spark, Pig, Hive, Oozie, Sqoop, Flume, HBase, R, Linux, Mahout, Scala, MongoDB, Python, Pandas, Scikit-learn, etc. In case, you are looking for some other tools, you can feel free to contact us at -

7. What is the limit on the data that can be uploaded?

Answer – Yes. We offer 4.5 GB of storage space on HDFS along with a replication factor of 3 and 500 MB on the web console.

8. How many nodes are there in the cluster provided by you?

Answer – At present we have seven nodes in a cluster. Depending upon the cluster load, we scale up and down to ensure smooth and efficient performance. Every node has 2 to 8 cores and 8 to 32 GB RAM in accordance with the services operated on them.

9. Will the cluster compose some sample datasets?

Answer – Yes. Without any delay, you can start practising on the clusters as soon as you receive your login details with the help of the available sample datasets. You can find the list of available datasets here....

10. Do you offer anywhere anytime support?

Answer – Absolutely yes! You can contact our support id that work 24X7 for any issue that requires our immediate attention.

11. Where can I find the support email id of NVN Cloud?

Answer – We will be providing you with the support email id once you subscribe at NVN Cloud.

12. Can I know more about your refund policy?

Answer – In case, you don’t want to continue with your subscription, you can qualify for a full refund provided you intimate us within 3 days from purchasing or upgrading your account. Kindly contact us at -               for cancellation of account and refund within the stipulated time.

13. How can I subscribe my whole team or class on NVN Cloud?

Answer – You can get your whole team or class on NVN Cloud by sharing the names and email addresses of all the participants. To know more, contact us at -

14. I am an instructor and I want to get NVN Cloud access to my students. How can I do it?

Answer – You can sign up as an instructor here ....... and we will be sharing you details thereafter.

15. In case I have some more queries, whom should I contact?

Answer – You can anytime contact us at -     and we promise to resolve your queries at the earliest.