Android Developer

Android Developer

Android Developer

Training Cost: $395.00
Training Type Instructor Based Online Training
Schedule 24-March-2018, 7:30 AM PST | 9:30 AM EST | 7:00 PM IST
Audience and Prerequisites

About The Course
The Android Developer training course is dedicated to impart all the skills and knowledge required to work with an Android platform. Students will learn developing android apps and registering them on Google Play Store to let the world know their level of creativity. Some of the important topics covered in this training course include Android architecture, its basic components, several resources, the layout manager, the process of application lifecycle, menus, different styles, intents, the SQLite database, broadcast notifications and registration on Google Play Store.

Audience & Pre-Requisites
For undergoing this training, there is no particular pre-requisite. However, having basic understanding of Java or any other object oriented programming can be beneficial. The Android Developer training course is specifically designed for college graduates, Android app enthusiasts and System / Software / Web Developers.


Why Take Android Developer Training Course?

In today’s world where technology has emerged to be an integral part of everyone’s routine, it is the Android operating system that has become a global phenomenon. Undergoing this training and becoming adept in the art of developing Android apps can put students ahead in this tech league, where they can get exposed enormous kinds of lucrative job opportunities along with a tremendous growth in their existing IT careers.

Objectives Of The Course

  • Understanding basics of Android, its Architecture and the App market
  • Learning about the several components of Android and Application Life cycle Resources
  • Creating layouts and menus in Android
  • Using the SQLite Database for creating Android Applications
  • Working on content creation, animation, data storage, Maps API, etc.
  • Working with Android Studio, Listeners, DDMS and other tools
  • Learning to design multimedia based interactive apps
  • Publishing the app on the Google Play Store
Certification COSO IT Certified Andriod Developer

1. Introduction To Android Computing Platform & Android Component

  • Fundamentals of Android Operating System, its history, its features, different versions of Android, the Android Architecture, what is app market, the Android Development Environment and Android runtime.
  • Understanding the various components of Android, the various Android resources, the application lifecycle, Android manifest, etc.

2. Layout Design & Event Handling

  • Understanding layout design, dimension, resource reference syntax, image and colour resources, the concept of Android buttons, learning Android View and View Group, check box and radio button.
  • Introduction to Android layout manager, its several layouts like linear, table, frame, relative, and learning about themes.

3. Understanding Intents, Menus & Android Services

  • What are Android intents, the implicit and explicit intents, understanding built-in intent actions, data passing, invoking of activity and pending intents.
  • Learning what are Android menus, their creation and deployment, , deploying sub menus,  sending responses to menus via listeners and options item selected, using XML files for menu creation, working with context menus, responding to such menus, XML menu resource file inflating and response to menu based on XML.
  • Understanding the working of Android services, the types of services like bound and unbounded services, the distinction between them, the service life cycle and service creation in Android.

4. Broadcast Receiver & Notification

  • Introduction to Android broadcast receiver, broadcast receiver registration, deploying Broadcast method for broadcasting message, broadcast message listening, registering a receiver using manifest file, learning what is Android notification, creating notification and working with context menu.

5. Preference Management, SQLite DB & Content Provider

  • Introduction to Android preference management, understanding what is preference manager, its creation, how to work with preferences, the most commonly shared preferences, saving and retrieving preference using code and preference values reading.
  • Understanding SQLite database, its working in Android, internal and external storage, creating database using SQL Helper, working with records – creating, reading, updating and deleting records.
  • Learning what are content providers, storing data in Android, associated concepts and creating content provider.

6. Google Maps, Geo Coding & Location Tracking

  • Understanding Android location framework, integrating application with Google Maps, etc. 
  • Learning geo coding with Android location-based services, the location API,  geo-location, extracting the location with GPS, getting permissions added to manifest file and registering for location listener.

7. Hardware Components, Telephony / SMS & Multimedia & Animation

  • Understanding how to integrate Android hardware component into applications, sensors, how to work with sensor manager, Bluetooth, camera applications, and Wi-Fi integration.
  • Understanding telephony and SMS services and deploying them into Android applications.
  • Getting started with multimedia features in Android, the several media components like video, audio, visual graphics and animation.
  • Learning to work with various services like frame by frame animation, audio and video recording, animation layout, defining frames to be animated and understanding the basic Tween animation in Android.

8. Web Service, Debugging & Registering On Google Play Store

  • Understanding about Web Service, its several components and features in Android.
  • Introduction to debugging tools, process of debugging Android applications, learning to export an app to Google Play Store and getting it registered on the Google Play Store.