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Get ready for incredible Possibilities of big data!

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COSO IT deals with every challenge in Big Data technologies that include capture, curation, storage, sharing, transfer, analysis, and visualization.

COSO IT is passionate about driving innovation by adopting open community softwares and contribute to enhance them.

COSO IT's motto is to Integrate, manage, secure, and analyze all of your enterprise data.

Incredible Features

To deal with real analytics problem that is best solved using big data tools, COSO IT expertise in the following technology to manage distributed computing tasks: .

  • Hadoop
  • HBase & Big Table
  • Map Reduce
  • Apache Solr
  • Flume and Scribe
  • Spark & Kafka
  • Hive and Pig
  • Analytics with R

Fast, Reliable & Scalable

Big data matters because business can improve performance by making better decisions, informed by a complete set of real-time data.

Real Time Analytics

To judge the rising demands of the businesses, COSO IT devises innovative solutions via advanced analytics and machine intelligence that triggers intellectual decision making.

With aim of proving an incredible reservoir of knowledge that holds the potential to change the future of businesses across the world, we offer its expertise in services like Big Data, High End Analytics, Data Management Services, Predictive Modelling and Reporting.

COSO IT offers Big Data solutions that result in outstanding shoot in the business performance owing to its fast, reliable and scalable nature. The real time analytics from COSO IT allows optimum utilisation of all existing data sources and enables identification of new data sources for bringing a transformation in the work flow in any business enterprise.

About our company

COSO IT was founded in the year 2008 with the basic organizational goal of providing next generation products and services in Big Data and Analytics.

Our highly knowledgeable Big Data seasoned experts are an indispensable asset of our company. With an innate desire to bring a difference in the approach towards understanding the working of Big Data, COSO IT makes serious efforts in collaborating with certified, well trained and experienced professionals.

The core team of Big Data professionals also include dedicated scientists who are adept in making use of statistics, mathematics and CS in a bid to deal with every Big Data issue through creative analysis.

123 Big Data Project

100+ Happy Customers

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34 Employees

No matter where your business operates in the world, COSO IT is there to help you take advantage of our wide range of software and services designed to fit your Big Data and Analytics need. We have office locations in more than five countries and on most continents.

COSO IT workplace are ergonomically styled to develop an ambience that motivates employs to work creatively and bring more intelligent approach in integrating advanced technology.

To leverage the best talent all over the world, COSO IT has extended its reach in the Asia and Europe. With our Reach in Asia and Europe, we cover the significant part of the world to provide our cloud and big data services.

COSO IT leverage its deep understanding of emerging technology to help corporations, agencies, and industry leaders achieve their organizational missions of achieving success in Big data and Analytics initiatives. They bring wealth of big data expertise while working on a project.

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