Big Data Analytics as a Service

Big Data and Analytics Services 

The increasing footprints of Internet across the globe are expected to maintain its momentum in coming decades. With this, the amount of data generated is projected to shoot upwards even further. The velocity, variety and volume of data generated by the organizations have been going through a paradigm shift due to emerging channels of data creation and consumption and proliferation of multiple devices. With such huge amount of data flooded inwards, the techniques like aggregation, integration and validation have become essential for getting meaningful insights from the data. To accelerate the business value real-time, it is imperative to include the analytical methodologies and processes in the workflow.

We, at COSO IT, work in the direction of empowering the organizations by conceptualizing a strategic program for Big Data catering to various focus areas and domains. In result, this has empowered the firms in achieving the objectives like profit maximization and optimal efficiency in operations. By enabling the firms to get meaningful insights from a large pool of data, we have helped them to work towards newer revenue sources with cross-selling and up-selling along with detecting and amending the leakages in revenue to minimize fraud and process inconsistencies. With end-to-end Big Data services, we deliver unparalleled solutions through expert consultation, managed and customized services in addition to seamless support to let your business drive the best from your Big Data project.

COSO IT’s Comprehensive Big Data Service Package

- Consulting

Our proven consultative approach in business research, process defining and building customized applications helps you attain your goals on time and within stipulated budgets. Our pre-packaged programs are scientifically tested to develop, devise and implement suitable analytics projects for your organization quickly. Some of our major consulting areas include:-

    • Capacity Planning, Architectural Consulting  & Performance 
    • Strategy Road Map, Tech Evaluation & Proof of Concept

- Implementation Services

With tailor-made Big Data solutions for your business, you can be assured of a valuable collaboration that implements best analytics practices to minimize risks. Our seasoned team of Big Data professionals is adept in developing customized product features that can seamlessly be embedded in your Big Data initiatives.  

    • Algorithm Development & Data Modeling
    • Develop Custom Code, Transformations & Map Reduce Code
    • Search and Document Indexing & Data Integration Services
    • Data Quality & Management of Metadata
    • Analytics – Text Mining, Machine Learning, Statistical Programming
    • Reports & Visualizations

- Big Data Testing, Provisioning & Automating

Our business perspective is to prioritize the attainment of your business’ goals. With our advanced analytics methods, we ensure that your organization gets empowered with the right combination of technologies for effective data collection, storing, enrichment and transformation of the retrieved data into actionable insights. Through such real time business intelligence, we get motivated to test, provision and fine tune the best possible Big Data strategy for your business, which can then be automated for optimized results. 

    • Installation & Configuration
    • Develop Automation Strategies & Implementation

- Big Data Security

Our Big Data services are designed to help your project get up and running with our wide range of reliable and comprehensive security measures. Security is a crucial issue for any business and since our top most priority is delivering risk free outstanding analytical solutions to our clients, we focus excellent solution delivery following stringent security protocols through:-   

    • Identity & Access Management
    • Data Governance

- Big Data Support & Managed Services

To further ensure security, performance and agility of the Big Data operations deployed from our experts in our client’s location, we provide a complete package of support and managed services. Through frequent health checks of your organization, we periodically review the Big Data analytics strategy and its deployment to assess the functioning. Our clients can anytime avail guidance, expert advice and acquire suitable resolution for every Big Data operational requirements.

    • Governance – Security, Policy Management & Configuration
    • Administration – Archival Support, Big Data Admin, Back-up & Recovery
    • Security – Preventive Maintenance, 24x7 Expert Support

COSO IT’s Indigenous Big Data Ecosystem:-

- Big Data

The internet generates hundreds of gigabytes of data every second that is out of capability of the traditional data processing applications to handle. Challenges to analyzing this humongous amount of rising data emerges in the form of collecting, searching, sharing, storing, transferring, visualizing, querying, updating and maintaining data integrity. COSO IT’s Big Data services assist businesses in overcoming these obstacles for confident decision making, bringing greater degree of operational efficacy, reduction in cost and effective risk management. We deploy the following techniques for optimum implementation and utilization of Big Data -

    • Hadoop
    • Zookeeper
    • Spark
    • Impala
    • Oozie

- NoSQL Databases

This non-relational database acts as a mechanism for storage and retrieval of data, which is becoming immensely popular in Big Data and real-time applications. The NoSQL databases are simple in design, highly flexible and scalable, owing to which it can easily adapt to the data storage problems a business faces.  For providing varied solutions to diverse businesses, COSO IT uses various approaches to classify the NoSQL databases in popular models such as column, document, key value, graph and multi-model. These are some of the NoSQL database models offered by us:- 

    • MongoDB
    • Cassandra
    • Neo4J
    • CouchDB
    • Solr
    • MarkLogic
    • Redis

- Analytics

The analytics services from COSO IT enable your business to discover, interpret and communicate meaningful patterns in data and helps in optimum data visualization for describing, predicting and improving performance in diverse business arenas. To evaluate and boost performance in quantifiable terms, analytics depends on concurrent application of computer programming, statistics and performs operations research such as:-

    • SAS
    • R
    • Tableau

COSO IT’s Big Data Training & Education

Our pioneering approach of delivering technological services to businesses doesn’t pertain to just Big Data and analytics. We have also ventured into providing out of the box solutions to our clients by providing Big Data training and education through various certification programs to freshers as well as professionals. These programs have been scientifically designed to train the Big Data aspirants with the real world knowledge implementation and critical challenges demanding quick decision making. Here are the most popular highly esteemed certifications offered by COSO IT:-

    • COSO Certified Big Data Developer 
    • COSO Certified Big Data Administrator 
    • COSO Certified Big Data Analyst
    • COSO Certified NoSQL Expert 
    • COSO Certified SOLR Administrator 
    • COSO Certified SOLR Search Expert 
    • COSO Certified Data Scientist