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Artificial Intelligence Services

Open New Doors to Infinite Possibilities of The Connected Future 

The technological advancements Artificial Intelligence (AI) have completely changed the way businesses operate. Having the advantage of latest tech, the new generation enterprises are accelerating way ahead of their traditional counterparts. Enterprises today need solutions that can give them the edge they need to survive and take a lead over others. With emerging technologies, AI is being used beyond routine automation tasks in overcoming complex business challenges.

COSO IT welcomes you to a new world of Artificial Intelligence where you will discover infinite possibilities to start a new era of success and sustainability for your business. The team COSO IT aims to enable business in taking a confident step ahead in upgrading their services in a quick, cost-efficient and accurate manner. We help enterprises adopt and integrate our customized AI services into their business model in the simplest way possible so that a significant enhancement in the productivity can be achieved along with a sustainable reduction in the up-gradation effort. 

Our effective solutions have made it possible for many businesses to make faster resolution of problems and quick turnarounds a daily phenomenon. Our AI solutions are targeted at ensuring a substantially faster processing for your business. Below are the strengths of COSO IT's AI services

  • A seasoned team of AI professionals with deep product knowledge
  • Best in class Consulting and Implementation services
  • Proven adoption methodology and strategies for ensured success
  • Development and implementation services as per specific business needs
  • Future ready AI solutions powered with latest tech advancements
  • End to end solutions for businesses for any shape or size
  • Extensive support and administrations mechanism 

COSO IT Artificial Intelligence Platform

Our rich set of cognitive services are intelligently integrated with futuristic technologies like Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning, Knowledge Modeling and Pattern Recognitions. Together all these technologies deliver a powerful and efficient autonomous system that also remains equipped with cognitive enhancement, productivity and experience. These self-learning autonomous systems keep on improving themselves as per the business insights and empower your business with autonomous abilities. We deliver effective cognitive computer services for a series of developments such as:

  • Digital Virtual Agents
  • Cognitive Process Automation
  • Creations of Predictive systems
  • Delivering Knowledge virtualization
  • Visual Computing Applications
  • Robotics 

COSO IT AI Applications

The COSO IT Artificial Intelligence services are powered with ability of self-learning from new data throughout the customer life cycle. This makes our solutions smart and intelligent which can automatically suggest a solutions to any problem and predict future failures. Our applications help you in a numbers of quality enhancements such as enhancing user experience with speech recognition, discover customer behavior patterns, predict future outcomes, automated problem resolutions and much more. Below are some of the major applications of COSO IT AI services:

  • Customer Support and Experience
  • Experience Management
  • Recommender Systems
  • Computer Vision
  • Software Release Automation
  • Anticipatory Systems
  • Automated Scenario Modeling
  • Automated Problem Resolution
  • Modal Interactions 
  • Dynamic Pattern Clustering
  • Diagnostic Experts
  • Natural Language Generation
  • Advisory Systems
  • Brain-Controlled Robotics 
  • Text Mining 

To get business and use case specific knowledge of the COSO IT's Artificial Intelligence services, and to get a deeper insight of technologies and resources we are using, you can go through the below sections:

  • SparkML
  • Python
  • Decision Management
  • Machine Learning Platform
  • AI: Google's Tensor Flow
  • NervanaNeon
  • IBM Watson
  • Apache Mahout
  • AI-one
  • Amazon Lex

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