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Today's era is an era of technology where it plays a crucial role in the sustainability and growth of a start-up. If integrated accurately, the technological push can do wonders for a business, especially when digital transformation has left no industry untouched. 

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Machine Learning in Start-up

The team COSO IT works with a vision of enabling and empowering the start-ups and small businesses with our continuously enriching expertise on low-cost technological consultations. We understand that each start-up is different from other and each one of them requires consulting as per their specific business needs. We also understand that most of the start-ups work with low budgets and look for effective yet low cost consulting. Keeping this into consideration, we have customized low-cost consulting solutions for the start-ups and small businesses that ignite a spark of technological advancements in their business models while putting minimal pressure on their budgets. 

We customize our solutions in a way that you can keep all your focus on the core of your business while the advancement in technology can proceed simultaneously on multiple platforms. While we are open to all kind of consultations for technological advancements, we have expertise in offering cost effective consulting on web, mobile and new application development ideas. 

  • Extremely light weight processes that perfectly suit a start-up's business system
  • We ensure protections and confidentiality of all your information and ideas. 
  • Take your business off the ground with our cost effective consultations
  • Transform mobile, cloud, web, app development ideas into a sustainable business model
  • Get benefited by our cutting edge solutions at an affordable cost
  • Save resources with our efficient yet effective solutions
  • Take advantage of end-to-end scalable solutions leveraging cloud, IoT, Machine Learning etc
  • Get exclusive control and ownership of your new applications
  • Test effectiveness of solutions through prototypes before taking end-to-end consultation

The set of consultation services offered by COSO IT includes - 

Various Start-Up Consulting

  • Technology Planning and Assessment
  • Design, Development and Maintenance of website & Apps
  • Cloud Hosting consultation
  • Technology Advancement Consulting
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization)

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