Connected Devices

This is an era of connected devices where Internet of Things (IoT) is playing a crucial role in transforming the way devices are used to function. In a short span of time, the IoT has become a milestone for enterprises to achieve. COSO IT’s Internet of Things (IoT) consulting services has enabled numerous enterprises to create effective Machine to Machine (M2M) strategies and at the same time execute them with utmost success. 

Our experienced team of professionals offer fully customised end to end IOT consulting services which include the creations of an IoT roadmap as per your specific business needs. At the same time, we offer equally effective implementation of planned strategies with most suitable IoT architecture and applications in your business model. 

We cater to the digital transformation needs of enterprises, no matter at what stage of development they are in terms of IoT integration to their businesses. Along with this, while integration of IoT solutions to your business is taken care of, we ensure interoperability within your system.  Whether you have just initiated IoT implementation or you have existing IoT challenges to overcome, we have the right consulting services for you. 

  • Create an IoT roadmap with us, as per your specific business needs 
  • Ensure effective implementation of your strategies with our consulting services
  • Add much-needed value to your IoT strategy with COSO IT IoT consulting 
  • Make your IoT systems and investments effective and efficient at the same time
  • Work with a scalable IoT architecture and leverage the COSO IT IoT Platform
  • Take advantage of end-to-end IoT  solutions specially customised for your business model

Our wide range of IOT Consulting Services

Internet Of Things Consulting

Basic Consultation

This is the initial level consultation, which helps enterprises in getting an idea of what impact IoT can have on their business. Our consultation helps the organization in choosing an IoT model as per their specific business need and then in working-out a road-map to implementation and success. Our basic consultation has helped many organizations define initial use cases of IoT and tap new market segments successfully in the longer run.

  • Discover new possibilities with a new IoT business model
  • Understand how key IoT functions will impact your business
  • Establish a strategic maturity level of IoT tech that you want to reach
  • Define new technologies and capabilities you want to integrate in the system
  • Tap new market segments that hold high growth potential for your business

Prototype Consulting in IOT

Prototype Consultation

Our prototype consultation services give you an opportunity to get an idea of how IoT will function and how it will impact your business, before entering into full-fledged IoT integration. We believe in action and thus, our cloud prototype of your applications enables us to showcase you how these applications integrate with real machines and how it can transform your business.

  • Before starting, build a business case for IoT implementation with prototype
  • Industrialize the IoT solution on the basis of prototype
  • Get a demonstration of prototype of IoT application
  • See how IoT application integrates with real machines
  • Create a re-usable application basis for your specific IoT implementation needs
Predefined IOT Implementation Services
Most Effective Solutions

Choose from our most effective IoT solutions to save time. Get benefited by a quick and effective IoT application implementation that is predefined

  • Predefined processed save your time and cost significantly
  • Get optimum push for IoT implementation with process descriptions & architecture guides
  • Take full advantage of built-in road map and implementation enhancers
  • Quick deployment of IoT applications with predefined IoT testing scripts
Customized IOT Consulting
Customized IoT Consultation

Get customized IoT solutions as per your specific business needs. Even, you can yourself develop, customize and operate IoT applications on our cloud platforms. Our end-to-end solutions make sure you leave no part of your business untouched by IoT, be it in-memory tech, easy access of data, management of messages, full range of your network and much more.

  • Achieve optimal efficiency and desired performance
  • Save big on implementation and operational costs of IoT
  • Get easily scalable solutions to match you business growth in future
Long Term IOT Consulting
Long-Term Consultation
Don't let your IoT driven business apps slow down at any point with our project management and IoT application support services. There are many aspects of IoT driven business model post-implementation where we can help you grow better including application support, scaling-up, training and education.

  • Optimized performance with minimized downtime
  • Improved scalability and availability
  • Ready support for your entire business processes

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