Big Data in Banking

Big Data in Banking Industry

Powering the Banking Revolution with Big Data Analytics

Powered with the advanced fin-tech, data has become the foundation of long term success for banking enterprises all over the world. The banking operations transformation to the virtual world is so prominent since almost all key trends in this sector are virtually driven. What makes the prospects even more exciting is the fact that Banking has already been one of the most customer data driven industries in the world, and by integrating the advanced cognitive computing and predictive analytics a banking firm can enhance its business prospects and potential exponentially.

The team COSO IT has experienced this transformation closely while being a part of digital revolution for years. Our banking technology consultation services have enabled a number of our clients in this industry to reach the zenith of success on digital platform. Powered with our customized solution on banking analytics and cognitive computing, businesses have been able to take a comfortable lead over their competitors. Here are the essentials of our consultation: 

  • Offer a personalized user experience through advanced digital products
  • Address the regulatory changes flexibly
  • Make the optimum use of user data in getting valuable insights
  • Ensure optimum interaction of human and technical resources in an efficient manner
  • Create a healthy partnership between banking and fin-tech
  • Enhance the customer experience with need based actions
  • Draw actionable insights from user data to ensure a long term growth 
  • Remove the growth bottlenecks from the system
There are a number of solutions in which our consultation has proved very beneficial. We offer from basic to advanced level solutions which hardly leave any part of the entire banking gamut. Here are some of the areas of our expertise where our solutions have proved highly beneficial. 

Personalized Banking 

Our consultation solutions carry a perfect blend of advanced analytics and cognitive computing capabilities to deliver a superbly personalized experience to the customer. We offer a number of dedicated cloud solutions that enables the enterprises to get deep insights in customer data such as their financial events and their buying and selling propensities of banking products. We deliver banking specific analytics applications that ensure a dynamic segmentation of consumer behavior. Along with this, you get actionable insights to take forward an improved and satisfactory customer relation. Our intuitive user interfaces are specifically customized as per the specific business needs.

  • Anticipate the life events of the customers
  • Identify the customers who want to leave
  • Discover the propensity to buy, sell, leave or shift to competitors
  • Dynamic segmentation to align your services to customer behavior
  • Faster ROI advanced analytics model
  • Make smarter decisions with our cognitive computing solutions
  • Integrated multiple platforms to drive optimum use of customer insights
  • Customer-focused Banking

Predective Analytics in Banking Industry

Fraud Protection

The dawn of digital banking has come with certain disadvantages and the Cyber frauds are among the most challenging ones for the banking industry. Our consultation services include effective solutions to the financial frauds and crimes that make sure your customer never lose confidence in your services. Here are the key factors of our fraud protection consultations services.

  • Gain a clear picture of financial crimes
  • Discover a new approach to fight financial crimes and frauds
  • Predict and prevent the frauds before they occur
  • Detect the frauds quickly and mitigate the impact
  • Power your system with counter-measures and rapid detection

Big Data in Risk Management

Risk Management 

A proper risk management ensures continuous and optimum performance amidst the uncertainty of the market. While customizing our consulting solutions for banking enterprises, we keep in mind that firms in banking industries always need to make risk aware decisions. Instead of adopting risk avoidance measures, our solutions enable you with risk intelligence that can be of a huge opportunity and value for your business in a strategic manner. Here are some the key functions of our risk management consultation. 

  • Risk Management of trading and Banking books
  • Investment and insurance risk management 
  • Achieve compliance with improved decision making
  • Enhance business performance with risk – informed decisions 

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