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At a time, when data plays a crucial role in the growth of an enterprise, data security becomes the need of the hour. Most of the times, the main culprits for data loss for an enterprise are from within their business model. This includes loopholes in business processes, unawareness, lack of security tools etc.

We offer end-to-end consulting services for data security that comprises of identifying, protecting, and safeguard the sensitive information of your business. Our seasoned team of professionals enables businesses in full integration of security programs and reduces the risk across the environment effectively.

We offer a range of solutions for data security that includes class-apart data loss prevention applications. At COSO IT, we understand that each business is different and organizations of different shape and size need different data protection solutions. Thus, we deliver effective customized solutions as per specific business needs of an organization. What comes as an add-on are our effective trainings on data security awareness.

  • Protection of intellectual property and sensitive business information
  • Derive strategies for classification, protection, retention and disposal of data
  • Advisory services that enable an end-to-end data protection
  • Classification & encryption services
  • Secure your data even when in transit
  • Make your products hassle free for users
  • Discover and prevent flows is security of sensitive data

Mobile with IOT

Being Resilient and Mobile with IoT

The IoT devices connected with mobile needs to be safeguarded strategically. The main challenge for tech firms today is to keep their network and assets safe while extracting the valuable insights from the device data. At a time, when huge amount of user data is flooding your systems, you can't afford to lose on valuable business insights due to security breach or data loss. COSO IT's consultation services help enterprises minimize the disruptions due to security threats while at the same time ensuring that the business keeps on up & running all the time. Our experienced team can help you create a full proof strategy for safeguarding your IoT connect mobile and devices at the edge.Safeguard your IoT connect mobile and devices at the edge

  • Safeguard your IoT connect mobile and devices at the edge
  • Minimize disruptions due to data loss
  • Ensure keeping your business up and running all the time
  • Safely extract valuable insights form the device data

Below are some of our consultation offerings-

Data Security Consulting

Big Data and Data Security

Big Data has rapidly become an essential component of enterprises and many businesses are facing a tough challenge of keeping the analyzed data and valuable insight safe and secure. COSO IT understands that keeping the sensitive information protected is equally important for the organizations when it come to building the advanced analytics capabilities. Working as an enabler in the domain of Big Data security, COSO IT's privacy and security consulting services can help your business create a fool proof security model for your business which not only protects your essential information but also makes sure that the pace of your system’s working is not getting hampered with enhanced security measures. While delivering an end-to-end security solution, we keep below as our focus areas

  • Assessment of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) 
  • Programs for cross-border data transfers
  • Offering expert assistance for privacy programs
  • Internal and external trainings on privacy
  • Third-party data transfer internationally
  • Training for legal departments of enterprises
  • Creation of a response team for breach crisis
  • Data classification and discovery services
  • Managed privacy help-desk services
  • Risk assessments services

Data Governance

With the rapid advancement in technology, mobiles and internet have made data governance critical for enterprises. Data management is increasingly becoming a challenging task for companies as the volume of the incoming data has surged drastically in the past few years. Irrespective of the shape / size / type of the enterprise, the data governance is now one of the most important aspects of data driven businesses. Understanding it very well, team COSO IT has come-up with such solutions that enable organizations in streamlining their data smartly. We help you create a common data platform for architectures and tools across the enterprise, so that holistic data governance can be ensured. Our consulting solutions are optimized for the business processes that enable effective governance of data such as Data Discovery, Data Classification, Proactive Monitoring, and Automated rules. Key benefits of our data governance services are:

  • Faster and efficient improvement in data 
  • Centralize the control of data quality processes 
  • Easy deployment and monitoring 
  • End to end solutions for entire system – apply processes for ERP and CRM enterprise wide.
Here is a list of service we offer for Data Security
  • CISO Mentoring
  • Security & Breach Notification Audit Program
  • Strategic Planning for Data Security
  • Architecture Development for Data Security
  • Phishing Testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Awareness Training for employees
  • Data Security Staff Augmentation
  • Web & Mobile Application Security Testing
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Third Party / Vendor Security Reviews
  • Data Security Incident Response Procedures
  • PCI Gap Analysis
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Ransomware Prevention
  • HIPAA Risk Analysis
  • HIPAA Gap Analysis

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