Big Data in Education Industry

Big Data in Education Industry

Transforming the Learning Experience

Education has been considered one of the ripest industries for machine learning. It bears the clearest opportunity for embracing the human-machine ecosystem. The advanced technologies like Machine Learning and Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence have opened a new gateway of opportunities for the education sector. This is one of the highest potential bearing segments when it comes to digital transformation. It is now a proven fact that the technology brings a drastic change in the efficiency of both learning and teaching. 

Increasing competition for attracting new students, rising costs and advancement in technology has brought a tremendous change in the educational landscape. The phenomenon like marketing to potential students, deliveries of the curriculum and maintaining the institutions have completely revamped. 

We enable enterprises in taking full advantage of the applicable big data analytics and business intelligence in various aspects of an education business model including students, classes, faculty, school programs etc. Our advanced solutions are optimized to help you get valuable insights from the data of acquisition, retentions and attrition. 

  • End-to-end consulting solutions to take forward your enterprises
  • Get benefited with our advanced tech solutions 
  • Boost your Business intelligence with our Big Data solutions
  • Discover new opportunities along with finding new segments of students
  • Get valuable insights from huge volume unstructured data of students, faculties etc
  • Optimize acquisition and retention while minimizing the attrition
  • Find-out bottlenecks in the entire system and achieve higher growth speed

We touch all the aspects of education sphere 

Our content and learning analytics solutions have been appreciated by the clients and users alike. Our experienced team of professionals has enabled many enterprises in the education world in taking advantage of our customized solutions for dynamic scheduling, grading system and process intelligence. Integrated with our consulting solutions, many education firms have successfully synchronized their teachers with schools. COSO IT's smart solutions based for schools are based on different learning styles of students. These solutions have been able to help our clients evolve their educational experience exponentially. 

Customized Solutions for Higher Education Institutions 

COSO IT has customized a different set of solutions for different education firms in higher education domain.  We also deliver solutions to higher education institutions for data integration development, and effective analytic for administrative tasks such as grants, endowment, donors, alumni, regulatory agencies etc.

Cost-effective solutions for edu startups

COSO IT understands that different enterprises have different needs and requirements and there can't be a single solution for them. While a well-established firm may look for an advanced and full range of solutions, a start-up many looks for cost-efficient solutions that can help them take-off from the ground. Specially customized for the start-ups in education domain, our solutions are benefitting a number of small businesses. 

For Sales Inquiries on Solutions in Education Sector

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