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Transform Your Enterprise With The Power of Big Data Analytics

The ongoing digital transformation has posed a huge challenge for the enterprises across the globe with an inflow of petabytes of data on a real-time basis. Optimizing the customer experience has become a daunting task as the digital customer don't want to compromise on any aspect of customer service be it personalization and customization, or be it speed, quality and accuracy of the service delivery.

This is one such area where Big Data Analytics has emerged as an enabler in adopting a customer centric approach and delivering value at all aspects of life-cycle of customer experience. Big Data empowers the enterprises in gaining a deep understanding of customer behavior, needs, and requirements and connects them to their past behaviors to deliver an effective predictive analytics and effective business intelligence.

COSO IT's Big Data Analytics Services:

Services in R – The COSO IT's solutions powered by R deliver exclusive tools for effective statistical analysis. Our solutions are deep integrated with R predictive and statics language, which enables us to deliver sophisticated solutions in predictive analytics which are very easy to implement and use. Besides having strong analytical capabilities, our R based solutions enable the enterprises in the effective use of interactive graphics. Here are the salient features COSO IT services in R - 

  • Take advantage of easy to integrate predictive tools that are built using R 
  • Efficient and impactful big data processing and analysis
  • Seamless integration into your analytics application
  • Quick access to all relevant data
  • Enhance efficiency with a single data-set preparing workflow
  • Easy accessibility of predictive analytics applications

Services in SAS – COSO IT delivers proven business intelligence tools and clinical data analysis powered by SAS. Our services integrated with the unique advantages of SAS, work as an analytics powerhouse for your organization. Our team of professionals has a proven record in delivering effective technological solutions in the areas of advanced analytics and information management. Our SAS powered solutions are industry focused and can be customized for enterprises of any shape or size, across industries and for a range of solution lines.  Here are the salient features COSO IT services in SAS - 

  • Here are the salient features COSO IT services in R - 
  • Unmatched Data handling capabilities 
  • Decent functional graphical capabilities
  • Industry focused solutions as per specific business needs
  • End to end solutions in complete analytics cycle

Tableau Implementation – Our solutions help enterprises derive insight from their data using Tableau Software’s powerful business intelligence and visual analytics platform. COSO IT's services are aimed at enabling the Tableau using enterprise in Big Data Analytics. Our solutions are designed in a way that deliver useful curated data from a huge amount of unstructured data. Our tableau powered solutions put the power of Big Data in the hands of enterprises. Here are the salient features COSO IT services in Tableau - 

  • Quick and easy data preparation
  • Take advantage of advanced analytics capabilities
  • Seamless integration
  • Leverage our capabilities to deliver smarter data

How COSO IT Big Data Analytics Service Help?

COSO IT's service in Big Data analytics are aimed at enabling the enterprises in effectively leveraging the customer data by real-time customer insight generation. This can bring a drastic improvement in the quality, speed, and accuracy of business decision-making, which ultimately contributes to making the entire process data-centric and data-driven. In this digital age, this can be your ultimate key to business success and unprecedented growth. Here is how COSO IT's Big Data Services can help you:

  • Optimize business processes with Geospatial analytics
  • Remove bottlenecks in data storage, analysis and decision making
  • Effective use of advanced techs like AI, IoT, and ML in Analytics
  • Make fact driven business decision with accurate data insights
  • Drive customer eccentricity with connecting insights to actions
  • Achieve business transformation with agility through analytics
  • Deliver a seamless customer experience across lifecycle
  • Bring a major improvement in customer retention rate
  • Drive profitability with accurate customer targeting

End-to-end Big Data Analytics Solutions

Create an Effective Big Data Analytics Strategy

The years of experience of COSO IT's Big Data Analytics team has enabled it in mastering the art of crafting an optimized Big Data strategy as per your specific business needs. Our advisory services are based on our proven methodologies that are essential in delivering a business case based implementation road-map and architectural blueprint. Here are some major highlights of our Big Data advisory services:

  • Maturity Assessment
  • Defining Big Data as per business needs
  • Big data Analytics adoption road-map per use case
  • Creating Big Data architectural blueprint
  • Real-time recommendations and evaluation

A Seamless Big Data Analytics Implementation 

It has been our constant endeavor to provide you with a seamless integration of event the most complex Big Data solutions. The flexibility, speed, and scalability are two main components of our Big Data analytics solutions, which makes them perfect for a simple and speedy integration in business model or any shape or size. 

Be it on the cloud or be it on premise, we believe in creating an organization-wide consumption by developing an effective Big Data ecosystem. COSO IT's Big Data Services are powered by cost-effective and time-saving Hadoop processes. To save you from hassle and complexities of Big Data integration, our team takes care of Data administration part completely with an all-time support. This way, your developers can concentrate all their focus, time and energy on business application part of the Big Data technologies. Here are the major Big Data challenges that we can help you overcome:

  • Seamless integration with high flexibility and scalability
  • Speedy integration with process driven approach
  • Set a foundation for organization-wide data consumption
  • Leverage the cost & time efficiency of Hadoop
  • Take advantage of effective Big Data administration and support

Optimized Big Data Analytics Consumption

One the efficient implementation is done, the consumption of Big Data is one of the most exciting parts of driving this technology. Make the most of Big Data analytics as a service by driving various types of analytics on your Big Data foundation such as predictive, descriptive and prescriptive analytics. COSO IT's Big Data analytics systems are blessed with next-gen self-learning capabilities so that the system can keep on improving itself on the basis of business insights fetched-out over a period of time. This ultimately helps in making the Big Data system more intelligent and accurate than ever before.

Big Data Consumption is also the part where integration with other technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Machine Learning (ML) comes into the picture. COSO IT has been delivering sublime performance for its clients through effective use of these technologies with Big Data analytics. Our advanced analytics models are powered with all these futuristic technologies, where Machine Learning helps you in cognitive computing and creating self-learning systems, IoT helps you constantly improve the customer experience, and AI helps your business in taking a faster growth trajectory by automating the time-consuming repetitive processes which are beyond human capabilities. Here are the main aspects of Big Data consumption where we can help you:

  • Drive accurate and fast predictive, descriptive and prescriptive analytics
  • Power your system with self-learning capabilities to boost accuracy through ML analytics
  • Save time by automating repetitive tasks through AI
  • Discover new revenue channels with valuable insights on data
  • Foolproof cybersecurity with automated surveillance through ML
  • Optimize IT infrastructure cognitive computing

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