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analytics and machine learning

Experience the Power of Machine Learning

Machine Learning, which had long been considered the next big thing in the technological world, has now finally arrived. And powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is rapidly becoming the backbone of advancements in data analytics. Machine Learning along with Big Data and AI, has opened a new world of possibilities where data can be accessed, analysed and used in a way that is near to impossible for a human to carry-out. There are a number of industries that are getting benefitted immensely by integrating the machine learning to the core of their business operations, decision-making and predictive analytics.  

The team COSO IT has worked hard to master different capabilities of machine learning. And now we are enabling a number of enterprises to fully capitalize on the potential of machine learning with our customised consultation services. 

Power your enterprise with an unmatchable blend of human expertise and machine insight, that not only makes your business more efficient, but also way more intelligent. Turn the large pool of incoming data into a smart tool to grow your business with Machine Learning driven smart strategies, more accurate predictive analytics and decision-making. Automate the tasks that are highly repetitive and ensure you get the optimum insights from the unstructured data. 

  • Capitalize on the high growth potential of Machine Learning 
  • Get customized ML consultations as per specific business needs
  • Unmatchable blend of human expertise and data insight
  • Automate highly repetitive tasks
  • Better and more precise decision making 

Grow with us 

Get never before valuable business insights form the incoming data with COSO IT’s Analytics & Machine Learning consultation services. Our long of association with many businesses and industries has helped us in developing expertise for specific business needs. Take your business to a new height with our customized consultation services. 

  • Get valuable business insights
  • Get benefitted by our experience and expertise 
  • Achieve optimum growth by removing bottlenecks and barriers through ML

Seamless Integration

Our seasoned team has expertise in designing and developing customized solutions for specific business needs. These intelligent solutions loaded with innovative machine learning capabilities are easy to integrate into any size or shape of business process. What makes the process even more seamless is the fact that all our innovations and solutions customized for a business can be directly embedded into our cloud platform and can be built natively into our software. 

  • Customized solutions that can be easily integrated into existing systems
  • Easy to integrate for business of any shape or size
  • Solutions that perfectly suit your current business model

Take the Lead

Give your business the first mover’s advantage with AI and Machine Learning driven business models. A business model that keeps-on optimizing itself by relearning through unbelievable data insights. Use tech solutions that continuously enhance the business efficiency while reducing the risk. Our AI driven products can help your business grow at such a pace that is almost impossible to match and is beyond human capabilities.  

  • Get the first mover’s advantage through ML implementation
  • Take your business to a new level with smart data insights
  • AI solutions that help your business model work beyond human capabilities 

What Is Machine Learning? 

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that offers the ability of learning without being programmed to computers explicitly. It aims at developing the computer programs that can change when exposed to new data. For example, Facebook's News Feed uses machine learning to personalize each member's feed. If a member frequently reads or "likes" a particular friend's posts, the News Feed will start to show more of that friend's activity earlier in the feed.

How Does Machine Learning Work?

In order to analyze complex data, and deliver accurate insights, machine learning algorithms produce models. Through these models, data analysts can identify profitable opportunities easily and mitigate potential risks. Machine learning basically uses the following techniques that produce the model and predict the output. 

1. Supervised learning

The computer consists of example input variables (x) and their desired output variable (Y) i.e., the values we wish to predict. A supervised algorithm then maps the inputs to the desired outputs using the training data. It requires human interference in making predictions on the training data for it is called supervised learning. It is used for classification and regression problems.

2. Unsupervised learning

Unsupervised learning means that we have a dataset, but there is no outcome variable. In other words, there is no target to be predicted. The algorithm models the data, based on which it presents the structure. Unsupervised learning is used in classification and regression problems.

3. Reinforcement learning

Reinforcement learning is the situation where we have sequential decision problems from which we have to make decisions, and these decisions influence our future decision making through trial and error method without human intervention. This technique could be applied in Hidden Markov models. 

How Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are connected

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning. It uses some machine learning techniques to solve real-world problems with high accuracy such as image recognition, sound recognition, recommender systems, etc. by tapping into neural networks. These neural networks simulate human decision-making. 

Neural Networks

These are a set of algorithms inspired by the interconnections between the neurons of the human brain. But, unlike a biological brain where the entire neurons can connected to each other within a certain physical distance, these artificial neural networks have discrete layers, connections, and directions of data propagation.

Image recognition by machines, ranging from cats to identifying indicators for cancer in blood and tumours in MRI scans, is trained via deep learning. Google’s AlphaGo is the example of deep learning. It trained by playing against itself over and over and over for its Go match, tuning its neural network.

Although all the three – artificial intelligence, machine learning and, deep learning are nested into each other, thanks to deep learning that artificial intelligence has a bright future. 

  • Deep Learning enables many practical applications of Machine Learning
  • Breaks down tasks in ways that makes all kinds of machine assists seem possible
  • Deep learning is at the core of techs used in Driverless Cars, Preventive Healthcare.
  • Deep Learning can help artificial intelligence in transforming many industries. 

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