Big Data analytics has now become an essential tool for the top notch firms to drive faster and smarter decisions in almost all aspects of their business. The increasing use of this modern data analytics has made it an indispensible need for all the organizations who want to stay ahead of others and look forward to attain an exponential growth in their business. However, finding the scope of Big Data analytics in your business and implementing it properly is a complex task which needs to be done with proper consultations from experts, who know the nitty-gritty of Big Data and its integration for different businesses. 

We, at COSO IT, have expertise in Big Data consultation with the years of experience in completely transforming the way user data analytics was implemented. Our seasoned team of Big Data professionals has helped many companies in revolutionizing their processes and redesigning experiences fundamentally and creating new sources of value. With our consultation, your firm can achieve an unbelievable level of efficiency by digitally reinventing your operations. Take advantage of our result oriented methodologies, domain skills and deep industry expertise today.

We serve as a strategic partner to our clients where we consult and deliver a wide range of services for centralized data analytics teams or individual business units.

Following are our Consulting Areas- 

• Big Data 

Analysis of the historical data is no longer enough. The real time analysis of the user data has become a must have factor for any organization to churn-out meaningful information and use it for the profit maximization. Over the years, COSO IT has turned around the fortunes of a number of firms by integrating the Big Data analytics in the core of their business operations. Empowered by our Big Data expertise, our clients are not only able to achieve an effective analysis of the currently generated data, but also able to use the predictive analytics effectively to know what is likely to happen next and what measures to be taken at their end.

COSO IT’s key areas of expertise in Big Data includes:-

    • Business Intelligence & Devising Optimization Strategy
    • Advanced Analytics For Optimized Performance
    • Organization Content & Information Management 

• NoSQL Databases 

Most of the businesses are witnessing the generation of petabytes of unstructured data, which can only be managed effectively with NoSQL database model. We, at COSO IT, understand the challenges ahead for your organization in terms of choosing between a relational and NoSQL database to cater to the flooding unstructured data. Our team of experts not only helps you in embracing the NoSQL database model efficiently, but also ensures you continue leveraging your existing SQL database and investments. 

With NoSQL consulting, COSO IT offers you a series of benefits such as –

    • Flexibility of application development
    • Quick development of applications
    • SQL and NoSQL supporting hybrid automated decision mechanism 
    • Performance at enterprise level
    • MongoDB’s seamless integration 
    • Database prepared for analytics
    • Data Sharding
    • Unstructured data compression 
    • Flexibility to scale up or down

• Integration Services 

Backed with highly sophisticated technology, COSO IT offers universal and customized integrated services to address a vast range of integration scenarios faced by businesses in all verticals. With web services like REST, SOAP, messaging, ERP systems, database, email, etc., we believe in providing flexible environment that can successfully transform, improve, direct and streamline the business data and messages. Our integration services have been diversified in various categories that are capable of catering application development and operational management needs.  

• Web/Mobile Technology


The web technology has been going through a transformation where its integrated technologies are changing very quickly. It has become more dynamic than ever with the technologies like cloud computing, real-time content, enhanced browser speed etc. Our tightly integrated flexible web development platform with highly interactive interfaces and advanced Java based development tools, are designed to let our clients leverage our top notch solutions to the best of their interests.


Mobile platform provides a unique opportunity to the businesses to interact with their customers as well as clients in a better way. Being connected 24X7, the mobile technology proves to be the best communication tool for the firms in building intimacy with their target audience. COSO IT has been working with visionary organizations to help them create a confluence of three important technologies such as mobile, social and analytics, which enables them to engage with their audience proactively. Below are some of the features of our Mobile technology consulting –

    • Blend of analytics, social and mobile technologies 
    • Creating an audience oriented mobile strategy
    • Range of our innovative solutions

• Cloud Computing  

Cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) have become the buzzwords in the tech industry. Owing to their rising prominence in collecting data from diverse sources, COSO IT’s cloud computing services empower organizations to reinvent their IT and business processes. With our incredible research abilities, global level approach and industry oriented expertise, our cloud services are directed towards bringing innovation, improving productivity and implementation cycles for developing business models conducive to generate more profit, savings and growth opportunities.