Big Data in Retail Industry

Big Data in Retail Industry

Shape The Future of Your Retails Business with COSO IT 

The retails industry has always been a highly competitive industry and the ongoing digital transformations are making the competition even tougher to crack. The amount of data generated through customers in this sector is enormous and so are the opportunities for the retailers to make the most of it. 

It has always been a constant endeavor of the team COSO IT to make things simpler, efficient and effective for the marketers through our consultation services. We aim to enable the retailers with our easy to integrate technological solutions powered by advanced tech such as Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. 

In retail business, a real front-line differentiation can be driven through the huge inflow of user data, if accompanied with right tools and approach. Team COSO IT brings in both experience and expertise of working with diverse data sources and delivering valuable insights for accurate decision making. We help the retailers in keeping their data strategies on the right track with our consultation supporting firms in key decision making of retail processes.  We initiate deliberate efforts to closely cooperate with our clients and refine the delivered tools as per changing needs, new challenges and new business functions. Here is a list of challenges which we can help you overcome with our consultation services:

  • Generate insights on high scale 
  • Effective retail marketing and merchandising that is Insight Driven through analytics
  • Enhanced efficiency of the retail operations by removing bottlenecks in processes
  • Make better predictions to increase returns and control spending through Machine Learning
  • Improve accuracy with using customized models for each business type
  • Combine the customer data across all platforms
  • Discover new customer segments with information collected through AI
  • Find untapped buying potential with valuable insights on data
  • Reshape the customer experience and find new possibilities with IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Tools and applications that automatically refine themselves as per data insights

Big Data Powered Advanced Analytics Consultation

Advanced analytics tools have always been a key component of our consulting solutions, especially for the retail industry. Our consultation has enabled many of our clients in adopting an insight driven approach for both marketing and operations and leaving the competitors far behind. We deliver customized pricing modules for businesses to effectively integrate the important information like overall price perception, historical data and competitive analysis. Our effective performance enhancement tools can help you track and gauge your performance at all important intersections of the data sources.

  • Improve the entire supply chain with valuable insights from user data
  • Effective customer life-cycle management with advanced analytics
  • Accurate marketing mix modeling with predictive data analysis
  • Make informed decisions on pricing and promotions with targeted data mining

Predictive sales and promotions with Machine Learning 

We deliver customized and advanced Machine Learning algorithms to enable our clients in effectively predicting and taking informed decisions on sales and promotions. A better prediction provides your business a dual benefit of controlled spending along with increased returns. COSO IT's consultation models on integration of machine learning capabilities into retail business systems can boost the intelligence of your business exponentially. Instead of using a single model for all categories of your business, we help you with customized models for each category so that the accuracy of predictions is very high. We understand that even if two categories are similar, there will always be intrinsic differences underlying. These differences can only be captured through machine learning methods customized for a particular category. The challenges that you can overcome with our customized Machine Learning methods are:

  • Take more informed decisions on sales and promotions
  • Predictive sales and promotions with our machine learning algorithms
  • Enhance the accuracy of predictions with customized models for each category
  • Easy integration of machine learning capabilities into system to boost business intelligence

Transform your retail business with Artificial Intelligence

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come with immense opportunities for the retailers. COSO IT is one of the first movers in this direction with delivering consultation services that can bring a considerable improvement in multiple aspects of your business model including customer service, business processes and business intelligence through AI. Our consulting solutions bear the power of discovering new customer segments for your business with combining the user data across various sources and platforms. Our solutions help you reduce friction in your business model with optimized as well as accelerated business processes, which ultimately contributes in reducing costs. One more core aspect of our AI driven consultation services is that it helps your business in engaging with customers in a much better and interactive way. With COSO IT's solutions, pitch the customers on a more personal level with aggregation of customer data in various forms, powered with AI. We help you achieve: 

  • Improved customer service and business intelligence
  • Reduced friction in your business model
  • Optimized and accelerated business processes
  • Engaging customers in a more interactive and personalized way

Revolutionize your retail business with the power of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is gradually becoming the core competence of retail industry as it is enabling the retailers in reshaping the customer experience, entering new markets and offering more interactive services. With more and more adoption of IoT devices, the potential for growth for retailers is enhancing exponentially. COSO IT's consulting solutions have been a part of this change as we are empowering the enterprises in deriving a suitable IoT strategy that can be executed easily in the complex infrastructure of the retail business model. Our IoT consulting for retailer enable them in achieving a rapid growth with effective IoT capabilities of our solutions. Our consultation touches the end-to end processes of a retail business and also provisions for laying a foundation for IoT support later on. Here are the core benefits of our IoT consultation for retail businesses:

  • Create an optimally suitable IoT strategy
  • Execute your plans easily with integration in simple steps
  • Achieve a rapid growth with effective IoT capabilities
  • Reshape the customer experience 
  • Enter the new markets

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