We welcome you to our rapidly growing technology firm. The work culture at our organization is based on international standards and we have left no stone unturned in offering work environment at par with some of the biggest technology leaders in the Silicon Valley. It has been our constant endeavor to add industry’s best talents to our team. If you are interested in joining COSO IT, you can apply below to our job listing, or send us your updated resume at

Currently Open Positions 

Below is the list of positions which are currently open at COSO IT. To keep yourself up to date on new career opportunities at our organization, register yourself at our talent community. 

Join COSO IT Team

Our Team – Career Opportunities

COSO IT offers you a number of exciting career opportunities. Here you can get a closer look at the career options we offer and select which one is best suitable for you. 

  •  Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Information technology
  • Application Development
  • Products and Operations
  • Technology Sales and Marketing
  • Application Integration
  • Customer Management
  • Business Development

Work With US anytime and Anywhere

Work for us - Anywhere & Anytime 

COSO IT believes in providing a flexible work environment to its team where they can work from anywhere in the world at the time of their choice and convenience. We offer easy and time-saving ways of connecting with people working with us so that a hassle-free work environment can be provided to our employees. One of such ways is telecommuting our most of the interactions where you can talk and interact with us at the ease of sitting at your home.

  • Experience better work – Life integration 
  • Don’t miss on anything with optimum flexibility
  • Work at ease of your home 
  • Control your workload your way
  • Contribute to healthy lifestyle with reduced stress level 
  • Take as many breaks as you want 
  • Avoid long tiring commutes 

COSO IT Employee Benefits

HR Benefits 

We, at COSO IT, always work in the direction of creating the most stimulating and supportive work environment. We are committed to offer our team a comprehensive package of benefits to keep you and your family safe and healthy. It is almost unlikely to find a more constructive and positive work culture than COSO IT. Here we are listing a few perks and benefits which makes working here so enjoyable and exciting – Click here to read more...(Redirect to HR Benefit Page)

Family Benefits


  • Paid Leaves during Medical Disability 
  • Child Birth Leaves
  • Family Youth Programs
  • Kid @ Work Day

Health and Wellness Benefits

Health and Wellness

  • Medical, Vision  and Dental 
  • Gym Reimbursement
  • Assistance Program
  • Fitness Stipends

Financial Benefits

Financial Benefits

  • Equity
  • Bonus Plans
  • Commuter Checks

Personality Development

Personal Development

  • Team Building Training Off-sites
  • Career Building Seminars
  • Hackathons

Other Perks

Other Perks

  • Generous Leave policies
  • Free Food 
  • Casual Dress Code
  • Vendor Discounts & Offerings
  • Recreational Activities 
  • Commuter Benefits

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

We, at COSO IT, are building a company for a long term success. Values underling our actions, are fundamental to our future growth.



  • Capability - Building a capacity for innovation with a strategic and intelligent approach
  • Possibility – Innovations that fully embrace our forward-thinking solutions 
  • Opportunity – We aim to shape innovation that enables action
  • Sustainability – Well placed and consistent infusion of resources strategically 



  • It is our constant endeavour to empower our people. 
  • The growth of our employees is of paramount importance to us.
  • We believe in collective responsibility in both success and failure. 
  • Our intention is to harness the best thinkers.
  • We believe that greater diversity cherish the greater ideas.



  • Constant focus on performance 
  • Inspiring each other for results
  • Open to new ideas 
  • We celebrates success
  • We actively support and motivate
  • We take pride in exceeding expectations

Honesty commitment and Integrity

Honesty, Commitment & Integrity

  • Optimum honesty and integrity in everything we do
  • Trust and respect in all of our relationships
  • Continuous improvement and embracing the change
  • Open and honest communication both internally and externally 
  • Shared responsibility for contributing to the company's success
  • Practicing the highest ethical standards 
  • Honouring our commitments



  • We are transparent at our core
  • We are open with customers, with partners, with the community and with each other
  • We believe constructive feedback and trusting each other

Be the Change

Be the Change

  • At our core, we always work hard to make an impact
  • We put efforts in making the world a better place