Big Data in Goverment

Big Data in Goverment Operations

The power of technology that transforms the government sector

Addressing Big Challenges with Simple Tech Solutions 

The amount of information the governments have to process to serve on their citizens is at all time high in the current era of digital transformations. And thus, extracting the actionable insights form this huge volume of data becomes a big challenge for them. This challenge becomes even greater with the fact that the inflow of data comes from numerous sources in numerous formats with budget and resource constraints always being there. 

Team COSO IT has been closely monitoring the data management issues faced by the governments at all levels including Federal, State and Local governance. We understand that managing such large scale data in government sector requires smart solutions that are cost effective and easy to integrate at any scale. Our consulting solutions, powered with advanced Business Intelligence and Analytic tools, have been designed with a vision of bringing more transformation in the government sector that can ultimately results in more benefit for the general public. 

It is now a well accepted fact that advanced analytics paves the way for better governance. COSO IT consulting solutions for federal agencies  are customized while keeping in mind the need of government entities to adapt the rapidly transforming business environment in a simple and effective way. Our expertise on advanced tech solutions like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence enables us in automation solutions for the resource intensive and error prone processes. Our solutions optimize the government working model in a way that reduces risk, minimizes the operational costs and improves the services. Here are some of the major challenges which COSO IT can help you overcome in an effective and efficient way:

  • Achieve accountable governance with sound compliance and security
  • Valuable insights about constituents for improved service deliverya
  • Optimize operational costs with getting rid of manual processes.
  • Boost analytical applications in defense and security for improved decision making 
  • Enhance mission effectiveness with reducing risks operationally
  • Improve information sharing and collaboration between departments.
  • Make effective use of government data
  • Attract new investment to the state
A Glimpse of Our Capabilities

COSO IT aims to transform federal agencies into data driven organizations where decision making is based on accurate facts. Having a deep understanding the government regulations, processes and data, our consulting services for government agencies are highly effective and efficient. Our huge experience in deploying data and analytics solutions has helped us in creating customized solutions with advanced capabilities of analytics technologies and predictive analytics, which can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of government organizations exponentially. Our advanced solutions are crafted in a dynamic way with high flexibility so that any change in the regulatory environment can be dealt with precision and transparency. We offer end to end  tech consulting in government sector Here is a glimpse of some of these

  • Creating effective analytics and AI road-map
  • Information management
  • Enterprise data warehouse optimization
  • Integration, transformation and aggregation of data 
  • Analytics technology modeling and implementation 
  • Creation of decision engine and risk-based models for predictive analytics 
  • Data security and governance

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