Apache SOLR Developer

Apache SOLR Developer

Apache SOLR Developer

Training Cost: $295.00
Training Type Instructor Based Online Training
Schedule 24-March-2018, 7:30 AM PST | 9:30 AM EST | 7:00 PM IST
Audience and Prerequisites

Learn Apache SOLR with Big Data

About The Course:
The Apache Solr training provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle the working of Apache Solr, which is one of the most popular and widely used technologies globally. Apache Solr is basically a highly efficient open source platform designed for searching and near real time indexing of files and websites. Some of the important topics covered under this course comprise Apache Solr installation, Apache Lucene, along with deployment, sorting, indexing and updating the schemas. This course also includes introduction to Apache Solr Cloud and its features.

Audience & Pre-Requisites:
  • The program is best suited for software developers, Apache Solr professionals seeking greater insights, IT architects, project managers, system administrators, search analysts and graduates looking to make a career by learning Apache Solr.
  • The pre-requisite comes in the form of basic knowledge of Java programming language.

Why Take Apache Solr Training?
The potential of Big Data analytics is huge and ever growing. The demand for Big Data professionals is soaring as companies on the global platform are more and more embracing the data driven approach to meet the cut throat competition. Since poor data quality can cost a fortune to businesses, the Apache Solr, which is an open source platform for website querying and indexing is highly demanded. Therefore, professionals having the right skills and certification in this highly scalable and fault tolerant technology platform can expect to get high paying jobs in various business verticals.   

Objective Of The Course:
  • Learn the concepts of Apache Solr, Apache Lucene and their usage and advantages.
  • Understand the fault tolerant and scalable features of Apache Solr.
  • Configuration of Apache SolrCloud for distributed search and indexing.
  • Make use of Solr4 on a NoSQL store.
  • Real time searching and indexing of files.
  • Apache SolrCloud cluster load balance.
  • Monitor, scale, maintain and optimise SolrCloud.
  • Handle real world Apache Solr projects.

Certification COSO IT Certified Apache Solr Developer.
1.  Introduction to Search Engine & Apache Lucene
  • Fundamentals of Apache Lucene and search engine, understanding the documents and inverted index.
  • Introduction and understanding of various types of analysers in Apache Lucene. 
2. In-Detailed Training Of Apache Lucene
  • Getting started with the pre-requisites of using Apache Lucene, in-depth understanding of the analysers, querying process, grouping, highlighting, scoring, boosting, kinds of geographical and spatial searches.
  • Introduction to Apache Tika and demonstration of the working of Apache Lucene.
  • Understanding Query Parser, Query Object and Stopword in Apache Lucene.
  • Practical learning of advanced topics in Lucene.
3. Introduction To Apache Solr, Solr Indexing & Solr Searching
  • What is Apache Solr, advantages of Apache Solr over Lucene, introduction to Cores in Apache Solr and basic system requirements to use Apache Solr.
  • Introduction to Apache Solr indexing, demonstration of use cases with Solr indexing with practical examples, learning to develop Schema, field, CopyField, field types and Dynamic Field.
  • Understanding the several aspects of Apache Solr searching such as pagination, sorting, highlighting and faceting.
  • Getting to know the Request Handlers, highlighting and faceting, managed schemas updating, defining and mapping for searching components, adding fields to default search, etc.
  • Collating the results of Apache Solr, understanding the extended features of Apache Solr and learning the concept, creation and need of Multicore in Solr.
  • Understanding what is SolrCloud, learning the concepts of sharding, indexing and replicating in Apache SolrCloud, the working of SolrCloud, cluster coordination by making use of Apache Zookeeper, etc.