Cassandra Administration

Cassandra Administration

Cassandra Administration

Training Cost: $295.00
Training Type Online Instructor based Training
Schedule 24-March-2018, 7:30 AM PST | 9:30 AM EST | 7:00 PM IST
Audience and Prerequisites

Become Certified Cassandra Administrator

About The Course:

The Apache Cassandra training course is designed to help participants in mastering Apache Cassandra for processing massive volumes of data streaming at high speeds to retrieve valuable insights from it. The course aims at providing participants with deep domain expertise about the core concepts of Cassandra, highly scalable data models and Cassandra architecture for proper administration of Big Data applications.

Audience & Pre-Requisites

While the only pre-requisite is basic knowledge of Linux, following people can undergo this training –

  • Research and analytics professionals and project managers.
  • Testing professionals and IT developers.
  • Graduates and professionals looking for making career in NoSQL and Cassandra.

Why Take Apache Cassandra Administration Training Course?
Originally developed at Facebook, Apache Cassandra is witnessing rapid growth by increasing acceptance in big MNCs across the globe. Apart from being placed at the Leaders Quadrant in NoSQL databases grid, it is being predicted that next gen databases like Cassandra will witness an impressive growth of 87.5 percent. This definitely implies greater job opportunities for Apache Cassandra professionals who are aiming for top corporate jobs.

Objective Of The Course
  • Understanding Cassandra concepts and its architecture.
  • How Apache Cassandra and RDBMS are different.
  • Learning important features of CAP theorem and NoSQL database.
  • Understanding installation, configuring and monitoring Cassandra.
  • Learning data management, cluster modelling and indexing in Apache Cassandra.
  • Learning the usage of Cassandra for dealing with humongous volumes of data.
  • Understanding basic concepts about JSON, AVRO, Thrift and Hector Client 

Certification COSO IT Certified Cassandra Administrator.

1. Introduction To Cassandra Concepts:

  • Understanding the concept of Cassandra, its advantages and areas of deployment.
  • Learning the importance of NoSQL, DBMS replication, types of NoSQL, main challenges, CAP theorem, merits and demerits and vital features of NoSQL database.

2. The Fundamentals Of Cassandra

  • Introduction to key concepts of Cassandra, installation, column oriented database, non-relational database deployment and data model – column and column family.
  • Cassandra configuration – overview, token calculation, comparators, validators, node tool, QA and expiring column. 

3. Cassandra Based Modelling & Multi-Cluster Set-up

  • Understanding how Cassandra modelling is different from relational database modelling.
  • Learning steps for Cassandra modelling, comparison between Column family and Super Column family, what is time series modelling, replication, partitioners strategies, read operation, consistency and comparison.
  • Multi-node cluster creation, key and row cache, node settings, read operation understanding, column family, overview of Cassandra commands.
  • Understanding Cassandra management, commands of node tool, Hector client, AVRO, JSON, Thrift, Hector tag and JAVA coding, Datastax installation, MapReduce and Cassandra.

4. Advance Modelling & IDE Deployment

  • Learning how to increase data writes, rules of Cassandra data modelling, decreasing data reads, creating table around queries and modelling data around queries.
  • Understanding key drivers, deployment of IDE for Cassandra applications, methodology for creating Java application, cluster connection and implementation of data query.

5. Cassandra Administration 

  • Utilising Command Line Interface for cluster management, learning concepts of node tool utility, Cassandra management and administering via DataStax Ops Center.
  • Understanding to connect pool internals, API, Cassandra client connectivity and concepts like Thrift, JAVA code, Hector client and summarization.

Class Room Location Online - At your Desk