MongoDB Developer

MongoDB Developer

MongoDB Developer

Training Cost: $295.00
Training Type Instructor Based Online Training
Schedule 24-March-2018, 7:30 AM PST | 9:30 AM EST | 7:00 PM IST
Audience and Prerequisites

Become MongoDB Developer

About The Course:
This extensively designed course is aimed at helping students master one of the most widely used NoSQL tools in the Big Data industry. Apart from gaining expertise in MongoDB, the course covers a wide range of NoSQL and MongoDB topics such as installation of MongoDB, JSON, Schema Design and Data Modelling. 

Audience & Pre-Requisites
  • The program is best suited for software developers, architects, project managers, system administrators, database and analytics professionals, research professionals and graduates looking to make a career in Big Data.
  • The only pre-requisite is basic knowledge of databases.


Why Take MongoDB Development Training Course?
Not only established corporations in the world but even emerging organisations are using MongoDB, which is an immensely useful NoSQL database. Owing to its scalability and versatility features, it is extensively deployed for data sets like videos, social media, etc. Moreover, MongoDB database developers are capable of securing top paying jobs even in future as the NoSQL and Hadoop markets are expected to reach $3.3 million by the year 2017. 

Objective Of The Course

  • Introduction to NoSQL database system
  • Understanding the scope of NoSQL in real world scenarios
  • Learning implementation of JSON / BSON data types
  • Performing CRUD operation for designing Schemas
  • Learning scalability and availability with the concept of Sharding
  • Learning backup and recovery options in MongoDB
  • Learning to set up replicated cluster, managing replica sets etc
  • MongoDB security approach
  • Understanding to develop MongoDB tools 
  • Understanding MongoDB and Hadoop integration and data migration operations

Certification COSO IT Certified MongoDb Developer

1. Introduction to MongoDB & NoSQL

  • Understanding about RDBMS, their limitations, the concept of NoSQL and how NoSQL is the perfect solution for Big Data.
  • Introduction to MongoDB and its advantages, installation of MongoDB, its basic commands and operations, data types of MongoDB, etc.
  • Deep diving into NoSQL database, understanding OLTP, OLAP, ACID properties, JSON / BSON, MongoDB uses, data collection and documentation, etc.

2. CRUD Operations, Data Modelling & Schema Designing

  • Fundamentals of CRUD and its functionality, concepts of CRUD, and MongoDB Query & Syntax along with reading and writing queries with query optimization.
  • What is data modelling, points of difference between MongoDB and RDBMS modelling, operational strategies, Model tree structure, monitoring and backup.

3. MongoDB Security

  • Introduction to database security risks, understanding the concept of MongoDB security and its security approach and MongoDB integration with Robomongo and Java.

4. Scalability & Availability

  • Understanding the set up and configuration process of MongoDB high availability, load balancing and disaster recovery.
  • Introduction to replication concepts, types of replication in MongoDB, setting up replicated cluster, etc.
  • Introduction to sharding concepts, setting up sharding, types of sharding, managing shards, etc.